Formed in 2018 with the ambition to develop a collection of some of Europe’s best design brands. Offering a full scope of service for ease of specifying and fulfillment: sales, marketing, logistics, and operations. 

Their motto: European brands with American service.


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Space Copenhagen designed the Swoon Lounge Chair to fill the gap between a conventional lounge chair and a typical armchair.

Originally launched for the 11 Howard Hotel in New York, the Swoon Lounge is an open invitation to luxuriate in comfort. Based on their extensive experience designing high-end hotel interiors and Michelin-star restaurants, Space Copenhagen created Swoon to fill a gap missing in the market – a hybrid of a lounge chair and an armchair with the benefits of both. The singular shell merges the back, seat and armrests into one entity, allowing for exceptional support and a fit that feels natural. The seat and back cushions are also attached as one piece for endless hours of comfort. 

Swoon is suitable for hotel lobbies, VIP suites, restaurant reception areas, upscale bars, lounges and private residences. 


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We are knowledgeable executors of tailored solutions. Anthom Design House supports design efforts that are required to make your project 100% unique.  Benchmark Furniture offers completely bespoke furniture design options. Andersen Furniture is flexible with modifications of scale and finish. GRID System's very basis of design is to make it your own. Whatever your vision, we are primed to make it a reality.