Driven to make your values, vision, culture and traditions visible through the creation of stunning works of art and interior architecture.  Experienced architects and artists who know how to handle the details and complexity of large installations.  An intimate knowledge of materials, software, and fabrication methods guides their use of the latest tools and technology to create works of imagination and artistry reflecting your unique brand.  


Identity & Branding, Architectural Art





Hand finishing. Local material sources.


The Dragon: a suspended atrium lighting sculpture project for a newly constructed high-rise workplace building in downtown Milwaukee completed in 2017.

The project began with conceptual sketches and progressed quickly to the creation of a digital tool to aid in planning the fixture, creating repeatable modules, developing serviceable components and ensuring structural support from all angles.

The resulting 300-custom-perforated copper tubes, internally lit with LED strips, held in a tensegrity formation with stainless steel cable and custom-designed hardware was ultimately UL listed and will illuminate the space decades to come. 


Kit and Ace | Retail 

Designed with the form of a loom shuttle, this light fixture offers a branded element to this specialty clothing boutique.

JohnsonControls DF Orchid.jpg

The Orchid

Scultpture in stainless steel and acrylic panels shaped as petals and wings with varying degrees of translucence and color with dichroic films. Interpreting nature in abstract.