Policroma is passionate about plants, especially those we consume! Whether your organization is focused on garden education, food service, farm-to-table dining, fine dining or food justice, there are a million and one reasons to invest in high-yielding hydroponic technology. The ROI is incredible: from having immediate access to fresh greens and herbs year-round, to teaching the youth of America the value of our food sources and empowering communities, to eliminating of food miles of carbon emissions,  kilowatt hours of energy consumption and thousands of gallons of water used in traditional food production. No waste - pick as you need. No plastic clam shell containers. In 28 days, 240 heads of beautiful organically grown lettuces.

Your organization will go nuts with hashtags! #growyourown #hydrponicgardening 


We are an authorized distributor of Fork Farms hydroponic growing technology. An industry in its' infancy, hydroponic food production is a rapidly growing business model the world over. For our dining, hospitality and education clients, this is a must-have. Contact us to learn how it works, where to find resources, and see how quickly your Flex Farm will pay for itself.






Grow system for kitchen design and STEM ed

Green Bay, WI

Ultra sustainable products and concept

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