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Equal parts Italian design, family legacy, passionate craftspeople, rich and durable materials, history and connection with those who come in contact with Tacchini. Epitome of Italian design details and excellence in upholstery, stone and wood top tables, and artful effects. 


Classic upholstery and small furniture


Ex works or FOB Milano



Suppliers within 50km. Eco-friendly materials and factory

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Sella is inspired by the armchair of the same name designed in 1966 by the famous Italian architect Carlo De Carli. The highly elegant sofa is made using the very finest of materials: exposed walnut, elegant metal chromed details finish shiny black and belts for the support of the backrest in refined natural leather. The cushions are filled with feathers, and the coverings could be in leather, fabric or velvet. Its soft, generous line offers the utmost refinement, and is designed to guarantee extraordinary comfort, conducive to a slow tempo that will reconcile us with ourselves and others, in a more intimate and private spatial dimension.