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Barbara Hass


I founded Policroma to bring new and unique design brands to market.

My mission with Policroma is to introduce fresh thinking and resources, to challenge the status quo, and to influence design outcomes in a positive way. The world is ever-changing. I believe we achieve the best possible aesthetic and functional results in design through travel, observation, learning to see, and by continuously cultivating curiousity. The esoteric connections made between creative disciplines and organizations can have profound effects on the process and outcome of our work. I relish in the opportunity to help you execute your vision!


I believe in business done well. We have carefully aligned with brands and visionaries who are not only capable, but compelled, to do best-in-class work. They design with longevity and sustainability in mind, they source materials locally and they reject the idea of waste. This matters.


Areas of specialization include expert furniture knowledge, consultative execution of bespoke projects, cross-cultural sensitivity, strategic planning, concept development, color palette and materials selection, lighting and outdoor room & garden design.

I'm a native Chicagoan with a BA in Interior Design from

Columbia College. I love the deep roots of art, design and architecture in this great city. 


Marni Roth

International Sales Support 

My years of experience in administrative leadership, fine dining and event planning provide the skill and passion to aid in fulfillment of your vision. Whether I'm ordering samples for your project, following up on COM requests or helping curate lookbooks for your project, I'm a total sponge for interior design and am always excited to roll up my sleeves and help.


I live and work in Barcelona. The design legacy of Antoni Gaudi is always on view, alongside Gothic cathedrals, modernist architecture and avant-garde fashion. Just being here, moving through the city, offers incredible daily inspiration. It's advantageous that I'm in the time zone and a short flight away from European our brand partners. It allows me to easily communicate with them as we track your projects through to fruition.

I'm a native Angeleno and have lived and worked in LA, Kauai, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, New York and Spain. An avid reader and grammar junkie, I'm also fluent in Spanish and slightly dangerous in Catalán. My life's passion is traveling to experience people, food, regional cultures and languages.

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